Sandra Spiedel – Artists and Artisans of Petaluma

Sandra is a painter whose work is expressionistic and layered. She did illustration for twenty five years and has been painting for twenty years. Her two loves (aside from family) are continuing to learn and her dog. She works mainly in oils but also enjoys doing pastels and drawings. To see her work – CLICK HERE. The first thing that attracted me to her work was her use of motion in her paintings. Then the closer you look you see her wonderful use of layers of colors. She works with her studio door open and when we had our session it was a wonderful sunny and windy day.
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Sandra Speidel -© Gary Kaplan-1

Sandra Speidel -© Gary Kaplan-2

Sandra Speidel -© Gary Kaplan-3

Sandra Speidel -© Gary Kaplan-4

Sandra Speidel -© Gary Kaplan-5

Sandra Speidel -© Gary Kaplan-6

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