Richard Quecke – Artists and Artisans of Petaluma

I’ve stopped more people in town with tattoos than I can remember, asking them who was the best tattoo artist in town. There were a few names thrown out but the one who received the most votes by a long shot was Richard. He works at Electric Oni which is next to the Petaluma Hotel. When I first called, Richard answered the phone and was so incredibly nice. The next day I went in to meet him and his demeanor and appearance just didn’t match for me. Now I’m changing my idea that someone who is covered with tattoos does not have to be a social rebel, rather someone who just loves tattoos. This is Richard. He is the sweetest (if that is ok to say), nicest person you could possibly meet. He has been tattooing for enough years to understand how the ink is drawn into different skin types, how the ink will age, how the tattoo on a specific body part will change it’s appearance, and how to care for his clients feelings. He’s traveled to Texas, Florida, and L.A. to learn his art. He has known Clayton (the owner of Electric Oni) since he was 13 and has been working at his shop for the last five years.
His style is based on American Traditional which he adds a little more dimension to. He’s open minded, straight forward, very patient, and not shocked by anyone’s requests. His photos are here.

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