Murray Rockowitz – Artists and Artisans of Petaluma

Continuing on with local artists, I visited the photography studio of Murray Rockowitz. Murray is still shooting film and making beautiful silver print black and white portraits. He also does color portraits and loves street photography using his Rolleiflex (his love). Murray’s studio is full of natural light and his smile makes walking into his studio a real joy.
Note that the photos that Murray did that are leaning against the wall are of Ricky Watts, the first artist I visited for my series!
Murray’s studio is wonderfully large and light. Still I brought my lights and it was a joy to have the space to make these images. It was truly a pleasure to photograph someone that understood portraits are a collaborative effort. This is what we made –

Murray Rockowitz - © Gary Kaplan-1

Murray Rockowitz - © Gary Kaplan-2

Murray Rockowitz - © Gary Kaplan-3

Murray Rockowitz - © Gary Kaplan-4

Murray Rockowitz - © Gary Kaplan-5

Murray Rockowitz - © Gary Kaplan-6

Murray Rockowitz - © Gary Kaplan-7

Murray Rockowitz - © Gary Kaplan

One Extra Large Photoflex Softbox, a Chimera Maxi and an Elinchrom Deep Octa were used.

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