Flashes of Hope

I have the honor to photograph for Flashes of Hope. It’s an organization that takes photos of children with cancer and gives the images to the families for free. This shoot was at a camp, not all shoots are this much fun. Most shoots are in hospitals and the images that are made there may be the last ones the families have of their child.
Last Sunday was an amazing day. There were two things that stuck me the most. First was how incredibly tight all the families were. Second was how the child with cancer was often the one giving the family hugs and support. This was a group from Kaiser in Oakland. The oncologist that was the head of the department came out to be with the kids and to let them “dunk” him and other doctors from the dept into a water tank by throwing a ball against a target. He showed such caring support and love for the kids, and he does it every year. The day was filled with happiness and laughter, a wonderful reprieve from the treatments. Thanks to the help from Lisa everything went well.

Flashes of Hope - © Gary Kaplan-1

Flashes of Hope - © Gary Kaplan-2

Flashes of Hope - © Gary Kaplan-3

Flashes of Hope - © Gary Kaplan-4

Flashes of Hope - © Gary Kaplan-5

Flashes of Hope - © Gary Kaplan-6

Flashes of Hope - © Gary Kaplan-7

Flashes of Hope - © Gary Kaplan-8

Flashes of Hope - © Gary Kaplan-9

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