Edgar Haris – Artists and Artisans of Petaluma

Edgar creates mixed media sculpture. For Edgar, the creative process is the most important issue.
Edgar was born in Hungary, moved here at the age of 12, made jewelry for twenty two years and now has a metal shop where he fabricates for a living. When you speak with Edgar, it doesn’t take long to realize sculpture is in his heart and he loves to work with his hands. To fulfill the creative soul that he is, Edgar loves using tools to express his ideas.
The large copper panel is one piece of the seven that he is just finishing up for a home.
The shop is a little museum of Edgar’s life. You can see more of his work HERE.
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Edgar Haris -© Gary Kaplan-3

Edgar Haris -© Gary Kaplan-1

Edgar Haris -© Gary Kaplan-2

Edgar Haris -© Gary Kaplan-4

Edgar Haris -© Gary Kaplan-5

Edgar Haris -© Gary Kaplan-6

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