Anthony Lane – Artist and Artisans of Petaluma

Surprisingly there are two violin makers in town, both very good and nice. I chose Anthony Lane because of the years he has been building instruments, his foundation built on a scientific understanding of the wood and instruments he works with, his artistic concerns for his art, and his special ability to get the very best sound out of anyones instrument. I spent a delightful afternoon with Tony in his beautiful studio, shooting and talking about different aspects of the violin. I was surprised to learn that the arch of the soundboard is much more important than the graduation built into it. Tony is a walking encyclopedia of the violin, and the other stringed instruments, and their history. He spent our time together carefully and meticulously working on the F holes of a new violin he was creating. The big treat for me came at the end of our visit when Tony played one of his instruments – what amazing sound came out. Tony is the ultimate artist of his craft. His photos are here.

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